Advance your career with Fully funded scholarship programs in USA


Official statistics show that America is one of the priorities for international students. Studying in America and in the world’s largest science and research centers has become one of the aspirations of students and applicants for studying abroad. Any student or applicant for studying abroad has specific reasons for continuing their studies in the United States. But the most important reasons are as follows:


According to official ratings, ranked by the most authoritative ranking and ranking systems of universities, American universities are ranked first and introduced as the top universities in the world.Scholarships for studying in the United States are available for undergraduate, postgraduate or doctoral degrees. Typically, scholarships are widely available at US universities, and many students use different types of scholarships each year at different levels of education. In other words, despite the credibility of US universities, scholarships are also widely available at American universities.The possibility of global work. Studying at American universities facilitates the possibility of working in countries around the world. In fact, by studying in the United States, a clear vision will be drawn for the future of the individual.Research Positions. Studying in America provides the opportunity to cooperate with the world’s largest professors and companies, which will play a very important role in their academic, research and professional future.Variety of universities in America. The United States with thousands of different universities with high levels of educational quality, has always been a center of attention for interested applicants. The diversity and high number of American universities with high educational qualities will encourage every applicant wishing to study abroad to choose America.



Here are some of the universities in the US which do not require IELTS or TOEFL scores:


University of Colorado

Drexel University

State University of New York

University of Arkansas

University of Dayton

CaliforniaState University

University of New Orleans

University of Delaware

University of Iowa





The above information is just for information purposes neither scholarship nor a confirmed opportunity. Students should research and find the best opportunities that match their qualifications.

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