Scholarship opportunities in Germany


Official statistics show the high percentage of interested applicants to study abroad is choosing to study in Germany for their academic future. Germany is an industrial country known as the heart of Europe. This country always provides a suitable conditions to attract efficient and educated forces. Statistics released by the Guardian show that studying in Germany is ranked fifth among the international students’ priorities after studying in Australia.

  • German universities have always ranked among the world’s top universities according to various ratings announced every year by the most prestigious institutions and ranking systems of universities. QS, Shanghay, Times Rankings and … have confirmed this.
  • The cost of studying in Germany is much lower than in many other European countries. The studying cost in Germany in most disciplines and universities is negligible.
  • In most majors in undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral degrees, the language is German and English.
  • The possibility of global work: One of the benefits of studying in Germany is the possibility of employment in different countries of the world after graduation. Almost all major companies in the world confirm German universities and certificates issued by them.
  • Students can change their field after one year of studying at German universities. Changes in the field at German universities can be done frequently.
  • Possibility of employment in Germany upon graduation: Graduates from German universities are allowed to look for jobs in Germany for one and a half years. After finding a suitable job and at least two years of work and tax payment, you will be able to apply for permanent residence in Germany.

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